Pay rent, avoid late fees with notifications, split payments with roommates, real time maintenance, plus save the trees….just sayin.

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iphone tenant2

Look below to see all of the features that will make your home life crazy good

Pay Rent Online

Tired of paper checks? Choose from whatever payment method works best for you to pay rent straight from your phone Credit/debit card, via ACH or e-checks it’s easy and secure!

Make Maintenance Requests

Use your tenant app to let your landlord know about that leaky faucet right away and find out how soon it’s being fixed

Avoid Late Fees

Set personal reminders and set auto payment to help make sure you don’t miss another rent deadline

Build Your Credit Score

Improve your credit score each month every time you use your credit card to pay the rent

Package Handling

Get notified when your packages get to your building

Home Services

Access a suite of on-demand resident services ranging from renters insurance, dry-cleaning, housekeeping to medical house-calls, all from best-in-class local providers at best-in-class prices

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